Azerbaijan – Part 10 – Baku Again

After spending wonderful time in Qabala, it was time to return to Baku. Incidentally in was Ramadan Eid day. My guide’s family members were calling him. Though not insisted by him, I told him, he can drop me to the hotel, and he can join his family, for Eid celebrations. He was too happy.

On the way back to Baku, we haw hundreds of cars going to Qabala, to celebrate the Eid Holidays. I did my shopping of fruit jams and fruit leathers on the way back. I checked in the same Qafqas Hotel in Baku.

After taking a short nap, I started exploring Baku, on my own. Being a holiday, there wasn’t much traffic on the road, and many shops were closed. Still the festive mood could be felt all over. Everybody was out with family and friends.

Apart from the usual stuff, which tourists buy, I love to visit a local supermarket, to check on groceries. I did visit a supermarket and did some sundry shopping. I Did not have any problem, with language. In fact, I was not even looked at as a foreigner.

I returned late to the hotel and packed. Next day was my last day in Azerbaijan. But as my flight was scheduled, late in the night, I had whole day in my hand.

After the lovely breakfast, I had my morning stroll. It was a holiday and the atmosphere was relaxed. My guide came and we started for the day. I wanted to check on Indian Restaurants in Baku. Hence we went to Flavors Fusion. The place was good and the food was good too. The portions were too heavy for me to finish though.


My guide took me to IcheriShehar Though it means old town, it is lively place with souvenir shops and café. I picked some lovely camel wool scarves there.


Then we went to Maiden Tower. This tower is standing there, for more than 1000 years. It is somewhat mysterious construction. It’s purpose is still not known. Though it may look ancient from outside, it has all modern amenities inside. For a small fee you can enter and climb the tower. It has eight floors and there are displays on each floor. There is tiny well and a duct also, connecting all the floors. The views from the terrace are amazing. There are some palaces and museum in the complex, which I did not visit.


At walking distance from IcheriSheher, there is a area called Nizami Street. This is a shopping district named after an Azeri poet. Nizami Ganjavi. It is 3.5 kilometer street lined with shops, café, malls etc. There are no vehicles allowed there so you can stroll freely there. I wasn’t interested in branded goods but wanted to buy a set of Azeri tea cups, called Armedu. I got it there at a very reasonable price.

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I was feeling little down as my tour was getting over. I sat down at one corner and clicked some random shots of Azeri people. I will present them, in next post.

Azeri tea cup image, taken from internet , from



To be continued..