Azerbaijan – Part 8 – Qafqas Riverside Hotel, Qabala

In Baku, I had stayed in Qasqas hotel. The room was spacious with separate seating area. The view of sunset was amazing.


In Qabala, I checked in at Qafqas Riverside Hotel. Arif RN Travel had mentioned that, I would be staying in this hotel, and I had searched for it’s reviews. Everybody had praised this place, and I do totally agree with them.

The hotel is a huge building. The reception and check in was done in just few minutes. I was allotted a room on fifth floor. The room was not as big as Baku, but had a separate specious balcony attached. And the view from balcony was just great.


It was getting dark, so I ordered dinner on room service and I retired early. Next morning, I got up very early and could not wait for sunrise. The garden in front of the hotel, was too inviting.

I dressed up and went for a stroll there. There were loads of blooming roses, and each one of them was extra-ordinary. Like alpine roses, they were in basic colors of white, pink & yellow. I spent almost an hour there. (My next post would be exclusively for roses.)


It was time for breakfast. Again the same Azeri fresh fruits, preserves, variety of creams and pomegranate juice. I just could’t get tired of it. The tomatoes were the tastiest, I ever had.


Then I went to the rear side of the main building. The hotel has separate cottages there, each one with a separate garden and exclusive tea-house. It is like a dream town.


Just next to the property there is cable car station for Tufandag. And then there is a river, where you can spend n number of hours.

Even in the front side there are some tea houses, where you can enjoy your kebabs and tea. I spend almost whole day there. During the day, I called my guide and we went for a joy ride in nearby village.

There are many archaeological sites nearby and many are still being excavated. There are other tourist attractions also, but I was more than happy to remain in the hotel.

As said above, in my next post, I will show you the beautiful roses there.


To be continued..


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