Azerbaijan – Part 5 – Heydar Aliyev Center.

Azerbaijan – Part 5 – Heydar Aliyev Center.

We do get stunned with natures unique creations many times, but there are certain manmade creations, which command the same kind of attention.

Many of manmade buildings tend to be rectangular. ( I am aware of few exceptions like the great pyramids, Sydney opera house, Eifel Tower etc ) But be in Taj Mahal or any palace, it fits in a square or rectangular. Few elements like towers, domes add a certain dimension, but still the basic shape is same.

The more modern buildings of say Dubai, Hong kong or Singapore, though well designed, still are in a rectangular shape. They may be almost touching the sky, but very few dare to deviate from basic shape.

The Heydar Aliyev Center of Baku breaks all the rules. It is designed by Zaha Ahid, an Iraqi British designer. Even though the structure is right in front of you, it is difficult to trust your own eyes, unless you actually enter it. (It has won many awards for it’s design.)


And from inside it is equally stunning. Not only the building even the interiors, walls, ceilings and even floor is pure white. (And yes, it is kept spotlessly clean.)


It is difficult to describe, what the shape actually is. It may look like a shell, or wave or anything else you may imagine. And unless you go inside, it is difficult to imagine it’s massive scale.


Not only that, it also has a huge open space around it. Still with some efforts, I could get the entire structure in one frame. The shape of this engineering marvel from opposite side is entirely different. (I regret, I could got get a good shot from that side.)


Inside, there is a huge auditorium, various floors dedicated to different types of arts. (I will post the photos of items on display, in my nest post.)

Somebody imagining such a design, making it practically possible, the authorities approving it and finally the engineers building it.. everything is so fascinating.

The auditorium was closed, as there was no show at that time. I am posting a link here, where you could see some more photographs of this center.

As said above, wait for more photographs of items on display, in my next post.

To be continued..


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