Uzbekistan – Khiva (part 2 of 2)

There is a large and beautiful turquoise dome in the complex, which attracts your attention. This is Pakhlavan Makhmud Mausoleum. Pakhlavan Makhmud was a poet and powerful man of Khiva. He rescued many slaves from Indian ruler. After his death he was consecrated a saint, and till date he is worshipped. The Mausoleum was originally built in year 1701, but soon became a pilgrimage site and many new hujras, khanakas were added. The walls of the mausoleum are decorated with magnificent majolica.

Khiva (49)

Khiva (37)Khiva (38)Khiva (39)Khiva (40)Khiva (41)Khiva (42)Khiva (43)Khiva (44)Khiva (45)

There is one minaret in Khiva, which you can actually climb to the top. (There is a separate ticket for it.) The climb surely tastes your strength and stamina, as it is a straight climb with no halt in-between. The wooden steps are of average one feet height and constantly move upwards in circular fashion. There are no lights. But still it is fun. I did climb to top and here are some clicks from top of it.

Khiva (46)Khiva (47)Khiva (48)Khiva (50)

It was lunch time and we were feeling hungry. Though Khiva was crowded, but it was only the locals, who would not eat at the restaurants. And being off season, many of the restaurants were closed. But we manged to find a vegetarian meal for myself. What I had was, dill noodles, stir fried pumpkin and salad of carrots. It was served with famous Uzbeki non (bread). It was very tasty and filing meal.

Khiva (51)

Then we visited the Juma mosque. Though the present construction was completed in 18th Century, the mosque was existing from 10th century. It is a prayer hall with 213 wooden pillars supporting the roof. The pillars seem to be from various eras and some of them are beautifully carved.

Khiva (52)Khiva (53)Khiva (54)

Then we entered the Tash Havoli Palace. It was the residential area of Khans of Khiva (and their wives !). The walls, ceilings, columns are all beautifully decorated. Each and every chamber has different design. In the open space there is a shamiyana and inside some household things like oilseeds pounder, watermill wheels are kept.

Khiva (55)Khiva (56)Khiva (57)Khiva (58)Khiva (59)Khiva (60)Khiva (61)Khiva (62)Khiva (63)Khiva (64)Khiva (65)Khiva (66)Khiva (67)Khiva (68)Khiva (69)Khiva (70)Khiva (71)Khiva (72)

In the complex there is a chamber displaying the achievements of modern Uzbekistan. The four main products of the country, viz. Rice, Wheat, cotton and silk are on display here.

Khiva (73)

There is a viewpoint also in the complex, from where you see the entire complex.

Khiva (74)Khiva (75)Khiva (76)Khiva (77)Khiva (78)Khiva (79)

We retired for the day. We walked to a nearby supermarket for some snacks. I purchased a spicy naan, which was so big, that I was eating it for next three days I was thinking of returning to the Kala for some clicks of Minarets during the evening, but had no energy left. (Don’t worry, I have some clicks of lit up minarets of Bukhara and Samarkand. ) I Got up early next day.It was the dawn in Khiva. Had a nice breakfast at the hotel. We were proceeding to Bukhara. The taxi had arrived.

Khiva (81)Khiva (83)

To be continued.

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