An evening by the sea !

Here in Seychelles, barring just a few, most of the beaches are without any hawkers or food stalls. There are no typical beach crowds either. So what you have is almost like your own private beach !

When you drive on a road here in Seychelles, you have the sea by your side, almost all the time. You just need to decide where to park.

This evening we chose a beach on the east coast, hence we did not have a picturesque sun set for the background, but the sky was so colourful… !


ETOILI 02092018 (1)


ETOILI 02092018 (2)


ETOILI 02092018 (3)


ETOILI 02092018 (4)


ETOILI 02092018 (5)


ETOILI 02092018 (7)


ETOILI 02092018 (8)


ETOILI 02092018 (9)


ETOILI 02092018 (10)


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