Ethiopian Spicy Bread




Ingredients (for bread.. This is for my bread maker, you may use your ingredients for basic bread )

1)      560 grams white flour

2)     1 teaspoon instant yeast,

3)     2 tablespoon milk powder,

4)     1 teaspoon salt,

5)      1 tablespoon sugar

6)     300 ml water.


for the spicy mix


1)      2 large onions, finely chopped,

2)     2 tablespoon oil

3)     2 tablespoon ghee or spicy ghee, if made or available

4)     Ethiopian spice mix or the substitute ( like Kolhapuri or Malvani Masala, you may even try pav bhaji masala) as per you taste. One or two tablespoon should make it normal spice bread. You may use less or more.






1)      Make the bread mixture as per your usual recipe. Keep it aside for proving.

2)      Meanwhile in a pan take the chopped onion and put on low heat. Do not add oil at this point. let the onion turn pink on low heat.

3)      Then add the oil and continue frying on low heat.

4)      Add the spice mix and the ghee. Do not let the onion brown too much as it will get cooked with the bread. Remove from heat and cool it.

5)      After the second proving of the bread batter,  lightly mix this onion mixture with it. Do not overmix it.

6)      Then bake the bread as per your usual settings of oven.




The aroma of baking this bread is too tempting. It bakes to nice golden colour. It can be eaten with tea.

  • 1) Bread in pan of bread maker
  • bread in pan
  • 2) Whole loaf in a dish
  • bread in dish
  • 3) After it was cut
  • bread cut
  • 4) Slices
  • bread slices




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