Shahi tukaDe / Bread ka meeThaa.. A desert of bread and milk



The ingredients are :-

–        1) 4 slices of bread, edges trimmed. ( whole bread preferred ),

–        2) 1 tablespoon jam or marmalade of your choice,

–        3) 1 tablespoon butter,

–        4) 1 red apple,

–        5) 1 teaspoon sugar,

–        6) 2 tablespoon milk powder,

–        7) Fresh and dry fruits of your choice, to accompany.





–        1) Heat a flat griddle and dry roast the bread slices, till the turn golden.

shahi tukaDa (2)

–        2) Meanwhile take the jam or marmalade in bowl and pour ½ cup boiling water over it.

–        3) Add the butter to it and mix well, till both of the ingredients melt.

–        4) While the bread slices are still on griddle, pour this mixture evenly on the slices. Let the slices absorb the liquid. ( Do not turn the slices ). Then turn off the flame.

shahi tukaDa (3)

–        5) Core and  grate the apple. Add the sugar to it.

–        6) Cook on low flame, till the apple is cooked and sugar dissolved. Add the milk powder to it and mix well.

–        7) Remove from fire and when it is slightly cooled, blend to a smooth paste. This is apple rubaDee.

shahi tukaDa (1)

–        8) Cut the slices in desired shapes and arrange them on a plate. Top the bread pieces with apple rubaDee. Top with  chopped dry fruits and fresh fruits. ( I  have used, almonds, wolf berries and avocado ).


This can be eaten warm or chilled. Both ways, it tastes great.

shahi tukaDa (5)



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