Special Besan Laddu




–        1) 2 cups laddu besan ( this is coarsely ground gram flour, available in grocery stores.)

–        2) 1 ½ cups ground sugar ( if you can make bura sugar at home, then use it. If you keep on stirring sugar syrup on very low flame, then it crystalizes in a form of coarse sugar. This sugar is called bura sugar and is  crunchy.)

–        3) ½ cup small pieces of mixed dry fruits ( cashew, almonds, pistachio)

–        4) 1 cup ghee ( may require less or more)

–        5) ½ cup good quality milk powder or full cream milk

–        6) A pinch of saffron or cardamom powder.





  • 1) In a non stick pan, heat one tablespoon ghee and add the gram flour, on low flame.
  • 2) Keep on adding the ghee, little at a time, but make sure that the mixture remains dry, and does not become runny.
  • 3) When the gram flour becomes aromatic and slightly changes the colour then add the milk powder and mix thoroughly. ( If you are using milk, add at this stage. the mixture will come to boil and rise, and will settle down soon.)
  • 4) Then add the dry fruits and saffron (or cardamom powder ) and put off the flame.
  • 5) When the mixture is slightly cooled, add the sugar and mix well.
  • 6) Then start rolling out the laddus. In case the mixture is too dry, add little ghee. If you have used milk powder, the laddus will be little dry and if you have used milk, then they would be little soft.







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