manDe ( a paper thin sugar stuffed roti)




    You will need –

  • 1) One large heaped cup maida, (plain flour)
  • 2) ¾ cup mixture of rice flour and sugar.  You may take any proportion you prefer. Even if you take just half measure of sugar and rest, rice flour, the Mande will still taste good.
  • 3) Ghee, as required,
  • 4) Lukewarm milk, as required.
  • 5) 1 teaspoon poppy seeds, (optional),
  • 6) 2 green cardamom,
  • –  7) A pinch of salt

    Apart from these you will need a little rice flour, 1 teaspoon sugar, a large sheet of butter paper or flexible board, a large tawa.  



    To make Mande :-

    • 1) Add pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon sugar to maida (plain flour) and by adding little lukewarm milk, knead a hard dough and keep covered.
  • 2) Grind the rice flour and sugar (which is to be used for stuffing) to a fine powder. Add poppy seeds (if using ) and cardamom seeds to this mixture (before grinding). Sieve this powder. It must be very fine.
  • 3) By adding little ghee to this mixture try to bind it together. It should not form a dough. (see the picture, for its consistency.)
  • Mande Tayaree

    4) Now you need to work on the dough of flour. Apply little milk and knead it. You may throw it in the plate and tray to pull it apart. Initially the dough will break into two, but if you repeat this process of beating and pulling, eventually it will stretch without breaking. We need this consistency, but it should not be too loose, hence do not add too much of milk.

    5) Take a lemon size ball of this dough and make a cup shape. Stuff as much of sugar mixture in it, as you can and cover and close again.

    6)  Turn the gas on and  keep the tawa on it.

    7) Take a large butter paper (or parchment paper ) and sprinkle  some rice flour on it. Flatten the stuffed ball of dough in your palm and start rolling it. Roll out as thin as you can (but not larger than the tawa.)

    Mande Latalela

    Traditionally the Mande are made on a tawa which is kept upside down, to get a large surface area. You can try it, but make sure it is not putting the gas flame off, if kept like this.

    8) Lift the rolled Mande carefully and spread it on hot tawa. Pull from sides to remove the creases, if any. It gets cooked within 20 to 30 seconds. Turn it upside down and roast for few seconds more. Fold it on the tawa itself as it becomes crispy as soon as you remove it from tawa ( hence, will not fold afterwards.)

    Mande Tavyavar

    Do not apply ghee or oil, while roasting. When properly roasted, it will become very crispy and melt in mouth. You can have it just like that or with warm milk. It will keep up to a week.

    I have a flexible board and have rolled my Mande on that board. The picture on the board is faintly seen thru the rolled out Mande. In case you are not able to roll it so thin, you can still cook them, for little longer. They will still taste good.










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