Garden Cress seeds Laddu



  • 1) 200 grams garden cress seeds,
  • 2) 2 coconuts,
  • 3) 250 grams jaggery or brown sugar, ( more quantity may be used, if you prefer )
  • 4) 4 green cardamoms (powdered) ( optional)
  • 5) 1 Tablespoon ghee.


क्रमवार पाककृती :


  • 1) In a large bowl, take garden cress seeds,
  • 2) Break the coconuts and reserve the water, pour this coconut water over the seeds. (they will absorb the water and start swelling.)
  • 3) Remove the copra from coconut and grind it, without adding any water.
  • 4) Add this copra and jaggery (or brown sugar) and cardamom (if using) to the seeds, mix well.
  • 5) In a large pan, heat the ghee and put this mixture.
  • ALiv laDu (1)
  • 6) On medium flame keep on stirring till mixture binds together.
  • 7) Initially the mixture may look watery but in 15 to 20 minutes, the water will evaporate, and it will start forming a ball. (make sure that it does not burn.)
  • 8) Remove from fire and when it cools a little, roll out laddus.


This recipe will make about 18 to 20 soft laddus. These laddus will keep for 5 to 6 days only. In case you want to keep them longer, you need to use dry coconut powder and should make a syrup of jaggery.


ALiv laDu (2)




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