Gajjar ki Kanji – a traditional winter drink from North India


    Ingredients :

  • 1) 250 grams carrots,
  • 2) A small beetroot,
  • 3) 1 tablespoon mustard seeds,
  • 4) 1 teaspoon sea salt,
  • 5) 1 teaspoon rock salt,
  • 6) 1 teaspoon red chili powder,
  • 7) ½ teaspoon asafoetida.
  • Gajar kanji tayari


    Method –

  • 1) We need a clean glass jar of about one litre capacity for this. Wash this with warm water and dry it completely.
  • 2) Grate the carrots. Boil two cups of water and pour it over the carrots and drain after 30 seconds.
  • 3) Slice the beetroot.
  • 4) Slightly roast the mustard seeds and crush them with rolling pin. Do not powder the seeds, just apply enough pressure so that the hard shell is broken. (This gives better flavour. )
  • 5) Now mix all the ingredients and put them in the glass jar.
  • 6) Pour filtered water ( at room temperature ) in the jar till the neck of the jar.
  • 7) Tie a clean cloth over the jar with help of rubber band. Keep the jar at a warm place.
  • The mixture will look like this, initially.

    Gajar kanji jug 1

  • 8) It will take three to five days for this drink to get ready. Meanwhile open the jar and stir it, once a day. The water will get a dark colour and can be consumed after that. (Make sure that there is no mould on top. If it forms, remove the top layer and discard.)
  • Now you can filter it and refrigerate it. It can be kept up to a week. You may add more salt or little sugar if desired, at the time of drinking. Traditionally black gram fritters are also added to this Kanji. To make these, soak urad dal for about 5 hours, grind it and add salt and black pepper. Beat until fluffy and fry little fritters in oil or ghee. Add these to kanji, few hours before drinking.


Gajar kanji jug 2


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