The ingredients are :

  • – 1) Half kilo home made chakka ( Hung curd )
  • – 2) 250 grams sugar,
  • – 3) A pinch of citric acid,
  • – 4) Cardamom powder and dry fruits as per choice.



To proceed :

  • – 1) Keep a clean piece of cloth in a bowl and pour one kilo curd over it. Tie all the ends of cloth together and hang it overnight. ( Do not press it. )
  • pakatale hrikhand (1)
  • – 2) Remove it from the cloth and refrigerate it.
  • – 3) Add one tablespoon water to the sugar and keep on low flame till sugar dissolves. Add the citric acid to it. ( You may use a teaspoon of lemon juice in stead.)
  • – 4) Add the cardamom powder and dry fruits to the sugar  syrup and cool it slightly.
  • – 5) Add the hung curd to it and mix it very well.
  • – 6) Chill and before eating add rose petals  or fresh fruits on top.





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