Nagpuri Vadabhat – Rice with crispy fritters



What you need –


  • 1) 2 cups rice,
  • 2) 1 cup soaked maTaki ( also known a maTh beans )
  • 3) ½ cup dry mixture of chana dal, urad dal, moong dal,
  • 4) 7/8 garlic pods,
  • 5) 3 to 4 green chilies,
  •  vade bhat sahitya
  • 6) 1 teaspoon cumin seeds,
  • 7) ½ cup chopped coriander,
  • 8) Salt to taste,
  • 9) 1 teaspoon mustard seeds,
  • 10) 1 teaspoon sesame seeds,
  • 11) 4 to 5 dry chilies,
  • 12) ½ teaspoon asafetida,
  • 13) Oil, as needed.




To make vadabhat..


  • 1) Dry roast the dals with cumin seeds ( this is the change suggested by me. )
  • 2) Dry grind this mixture coarsely.
  • 3) Grind together the soaked maTaki along with green chilies and garlic.
  • 4) Mix both these together and add salt, this mixture is used to made vaDa ( fritters).
  • 5) Heat oil in a flat pan and keep on medium heat . ( In original recipe, they are deep fried. I did not use that much oil. )
  • 6) To make these, I have used a small lid. I pressed the mixture into this lid and made a hole in the center. With this technique they were very easy to make and were of uniform size.
  •  vadebhat shapes
  • 7) Fry the vaDas in batches. Make sure that they are cooked from inside and become crisp and turn golden brown.
  • 8) Meanwhile, wash and cook the rice. (Again, in original recipe the rice is plain white. I heated some oil and fried chopped coriander along with turmeric and then added rice and water. This gave a little color and flavor to the rice.)
  • 9) When all the vaDas are fried, add mustard seeds, asafetida and sesame seeds to the hot oil. Then add red chilies, broken into small pieces. When they are fried, put off the flame.

While eating, take some rice in a plate, break 3 – 4 vaDas on rice and add the hot oil over the rice.

This rice tastes great.








vadebhat close up 2


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