Aravi / Arabi Fry




The ingredients are

  • 1) 250 grams Aravi ( select the ones which are straight),
  • 2) 1 tablespoon readymade tamarind pulp,
  • 3) 2 teaspoon red chili powder,
  • 4) ½ teaspoon turmeric,
  • 5) ½ teaspoon asafetida,
  • 6) 1 teaspoon coriander + cumin powder,
  • 7) 2 tablespoon rice semolina or rice flour,
  • 8) 3 to 4 tablespoon oil,
  • 9) chat masala or black pepper powder, to sprinkle on top,
  • 10)salt to taste






To make Aravi fry

  • 1) Peel the aravi with potato peeler. Wash and pat them dry.
  • 2) Cut each Aravi in two and then give 2/3 deep cuts in each piece.
  • 3) Rub the tamarind pulp to these pieces and keep them aside for 10 minutes.
  • 4) Heat the oil in a pan and place these pieces in single layer, flat side down.
  • 5) Keep on low flame, cover and cook for ¾ minutes.
  • 6) Turn each piece and cook uncovered for few minutes ( if you can insert a toothpick without difficulty, then they are done.)
  • 7) In a bowl dry mix together the chili powder, turmeric, asafetida, coriander + cumin powder and salt. (The tamarind pulp has some salt, hence adjust the quantity.)
  • 8)Sprinkle this dry mix over the aravi and mix it well. When the pieces are nicely coated with spices, sprinkle the rice semolina or flour on it.
  • 9) Again make sure that all the pieces are covered with the rice semolina or flour.
  • 10) By this time, the pieces would be dry, as seen in the photograph, if not, you need to add some more rice semolina or flour.
  • 11) Cook for few minutes and remove in a plate. Sprinkle with some chat masala or black pepper.

Arvi fry close up




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