Fruit Phirani


You will need

  • 1) 4 to 6 tablespoon basmati rice
  • 2) 8 to 10 blanched almonds or cashew nuts ( unsalted )
  • 3) 4 cups milk ( if you have evaporated milk, then 1 tin of it plus three cups milk )
  • 4) Sugar as per taste
  • 5) Keora ( or any other ) essence
  • 6) Chopped nuts for topping
  • For Fruit base
  • 7) Fruits of choice ( Apple, Banana, Papaya. Mango, chicoo, pear etc ) cubed, about three cups.
  • 8) One large orange







To make Phirani

1) Soak the rice and almonds ( or cashew nuts ) in 1 cup milk for 30 minutes.


Fruit Phirani rice

2) Grind to a fine paste ( if you prefer grainy texture of your phirni, you may grind accordingly.)

3) Add the remaining milk and cook on low flame, stirring continuously. Take care that no lumps are formed and it doesn’t burn.

4) When the rice is cooked add the evaporated milk, ( if using ) add sugar to taste, mix very well and remove from fire. Keep aside to cool.


5) Peel the orange and remove the seeds, blend the orange and remove in a big bowl.

Fruit phirani fruits


6) Add chopped fruits to the bowl. ( The orange will stop the blackening ) Add sugar only if you must.

7) Fill the glasses half way, with this fruit mixure.


Fruit phirni fruits in glass

8) Add keora or other essence to the cooked and cooled milk mixture and pour it slowly in the glasses.

9) Chill in refrigerator for about 1 hour.

10) Top with chopped nuts and enjoy.


If you use evaporated milk, it tastes better. If you wish, you can also roast the rice flour in little ghee till it turns pink and then complete the recipe.

Fruit phirani top view





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